Stage I

Payment variant

20/10/10/10/10/10/10/10/10 %

Shell and core

11 100 - 12 400

PLN/m2 gross


BASIC finishing

+ 999

PLN/m2 gross

OPTIMUM finishing

+1 249

PLN/m2 gross

PREMIUM finishing

+1 499

PLN/m2 gross

Additional elements

Storage room

4 000

PLN/m2 gross

Balcony/Terrace finishing


PLN/m2 gross

Parking space in a garage

37 000

zł gross

Garage comfort paring space (disabled)

42 000

zł gross

ECO parking space*

44 000

zł gross

External garage space (above ground)

25 000

zł gross

External parking space for the disabled (above ground)

20 000

zł gross


*Suitable for the installation of electric vehicle charging stations

Balcony/Terrace finishing is mandatory.

A parking space must be purchased for each apartment.

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